I got a Pixel Watch 2 recently, it's really nice, it tracks my steps, sleep, and alerts me when I get a new notification.
You can also install many different apps, and using the Samsung Internet Browser you can even browse the internet.

I don't know why you would ever want to as the experiance isn't too good.
First of all the screen is 4 inches in size, but that's not the only problem. The aspect ratio is a circle, which means to see the corners of a page you have to scroll to each side.
There's no way to view and edit the url of a page(at least on this browser, there's another one that includes way more features.) So you're stuck googling a web page till you find it.

But if you're in the rather niche audiance of viewing this very website using Samsung Internet Browser on a Pixel Watch 2, (defined as having a screen size of 384x384, and a pixel ratio of 1 I made a tool for that), I have minimally changed the css of the main page and included it in the latest blog update so the page is slightly more usable. yayyy.