While camping I found this rock. Nothing special about it just thought it was a nice rock.

A photo of a rock by ocean

While camping I found this bush covered in catterpillars!

A photo of a catterpiller on a bush

This photo isn't my favorite. I personally think I boosted the green too high. It still holds a special thing I like. There's something so magical about a mossy forest in thick fog.

A photo of the forest

I was hiking when I found the perfect view of the mountains. Unfortunatly I didn't have my camera with me so I had to use my phone. My phone camera isn't bad but color will never match realality and if you zoom in everything gets blurry and looks gross. So I brought it into photoshop, tweaked with gausian, color matching and the sort for a while. and eventually decided to make use of the limited color mode to give it its appearance.

A photo of the mountains

This photo should speak for itself. Saw a lovely pond, took a photo. Messed around in photoshop with chromatic aberration, levels, the sort. That's it.

A photo of a pond